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Why WCAF Expo

The WCAF Expo is the must-attend event for the art and framing industry. With over 80,000 square feet of exhibit space, the Expo puts your company in front of thousands of industry professionals representing 45 countries and 50 states. Don’t miss out on the unmatched opportunities that this groundbreaking industry trade event offers.

Top 10 Reasons To Exhibit

  1. Reach Your Target Audience - The WCAF Expo attracts every segment of the framing industry, from retailers, wholesalers, and suppliers to manufacturers, artists, photographers, and CEOs.

  2. Showcase Your Newest Products and Services - Increase your sales with creative product displays, hands-on demonstrations, and interactions between attendees and booth staff.

  3. Meet Face-to-Face with Existing Customers - Strengthen customer relationships and promote brand loyalty by participating in the industry’s largest trade event.

  4. Connect with New Customers - Introduce your company’s products and services to highly motivated buyers.

  5. Build Brand Awareness - Whether your booth is large or small, this is your opportunity to present your brand in a cost-effective and engaging way.

  6. Move Inventory Through Show Specials - Attract more attendees to your booth through specials and discounts only available at the show.

  7. Increase Industry Contacts - Networking at the WCAF Expo is a great way to connect with industry professionals—sparking new ideas and opening new doors for your company.

  8. Gain More Exposure Through Marketing Opportunities - Sponsorships, show guide listings, and Expo promotions are just some of the ways your company can reach an even larger audience.

  9. Get Instant Feedback - Take advantage of real-time conversations with attendees who are interested in your offerings. Address questions and receive immediate feedback, enabling you to refine your product, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive innovation.

  10. Las Vegas! – The number-one convention city in the United States. The destination your customers want to visit.

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